Wood-fired Oven baking

The oven at Little Stream BakeryLittle Stream Bakery bread is baked in a custom made wood fired brick oven. The design is similar to most traditional European and early Canadian wood fired ovens.

The fire is built directly inside the oven and then raked out and mopped when the proper temperature is achieved. After that the oven is allowed to sit for a number of hours while the heat soaks into the bricks. Then the breads are loaded in and baked in a sealed, steamy environment. The heat stored in the fire brick of the oven and the escaping steam from the dough cooks the bread. This creates a moist, chewy crust and permeates each slice.

Firing the oven at Little Stream BakeryOur hearth breads, which are baked right on the oven floor, respond particularly well in this environment; they have outstanding texture and taste. Neither the heat retained by our oven, nor its unique steaming action can be duplicated in commercial baking ovens.

The wood that we use to fire the oven comes from our local area ... mostly slab waste wood from local sawmills.

More Information on the oven is available at the Masonry Stove Builders website.

Loading the oven at Little Stream Bakery